I was born in France, but my soul lives in London, the no-judgement capital of the world. When it rains, I put my socks and the kettle on, and there’s a great excuse to write. When it shines, which is more often than people might think – I get on my bike, ride up the Hill, and mingle. Now how about that to write about?

I was on a hamster wheel for quite a few years, and then something happened – so now I’m trying to figure things out. And to write about what I learn, in case it helps others to do just that. Welcome to my blog.

Note: all the articles in this blog are based on my own experience, articles I’ve read and tips from knowledgeable people I’ve been lucky enough to meet. I’m not a doctor – so don’t hesitate to comment if you disagree, and please do your own additional research to get to the bottom of the truth! All photos are mine, though (unless specified).


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